NFT Membership

The Azarus
Black Card

The house from the offer.
  • Get more from Azarus with the Black Card NFT.
  • 1,000 cards with an initial combinaiton of 6 traits.
  • Fuse cards to combine their properties.

Genesis Traits

  • STARS BONUS: Increase your star-based performance on every run and get a bigger slice of the pie!
    Available as +1, +2, 2x, 3x bonuses
  • MULTIPLAY: While regular players can only get full rewards on sproserd games once per campaign, with multiplay you can rinse and repeat!
    Available as +1, +2, +3, +5 +10
  • EARLY ACCESS: Get access to new upcoming games 24h before they're live to warm up your skills before it really matters.
  • STORE DICOUNT: The Azarus Store is always on sale for you. Works on non-monetary items.
    Available as 5%, 10%, 15%, 30% discounts.
  • FREE UNWRAPS: Send your AZAs to your Ethereum Wallet on us!
    Available as 1, 2 or 3 free weekly unwraps.
  • AZACALL: Wouldn't it be nice to know when games are starting on any channel? With this trait you'll get access to the secret Discord channel where Albert is in the know 🐙.
  • FREE RUN: Run non-sponsored Azarus Games on your channel for free and get your community vibing - on us!
    Available as weekly uniques 100, 1,000, 10,000, unlimited!

Fusing Traits

Combine traits by holding and registering multiple cards to your account. We'll Take the biggest boost of each type.
Fuse cards to permanently combine traits. The fusing process will improve some additional traits, making true the old adage '1+1=3'.

Wen / How Mint?


Staking your AZAs for 30 days opens you to the mint. The more AZAs you stake, the earlier you mint. Holding partner NFTs or AZAs give you mints.
  • Stake 2000 AZAs: 1st mint
  • Stake 1000 AZAs or hold a MAYC / BAYC: 2nd mint
  • Stake 500 AZAs or hold a Partner NFT: 3rd mint

  • How Much:
  • Stake AZAs: 1 mint per 500AZAs up to 5 mints
  • Hold an NFT from: BAYC, MAYC, Azuki, Cool Cats: 5 mints
  • Hold a Mocaverse NFT: 5 mints

    Mint Date: Coming Soon
  • 1st mint: 1000AZA, guarenteed 2 ultra rare traits - 200 cards
  • 2nd mint: 1250AZA, garanteed 1 ultra rare trait - 300 cards
  • 3rd mint: 1350AZA - 300 cards
  • public mint: 1500AZA - until supply runs out
  • 100 cards will be held for community activations

After reveal, you'll be able to link your Membership cards to your account and fuse them from this panel.
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