Azarus Bridge Services

The Azarus Bridge provides connection services between Ethereum Mainnet, and the Azarus Chain. The Azarus Chain is a Layer 2 enabling seamless user onboarding, negligeable usage fees and full carbon offset 🥬.

$AZA Official Links

Be safe, always verify trusted links
  • Official Azarus Token address: 0x56322c14cb5f53531c231b8f9ab178bf5d893a5e
  • Swap $AZA: Uniswap
$AZA Wrap

Send your $AZA from your Ethereum wallet to your Azarus account. Unwrap can be found in your Azarus Wallet.
NFT Membership

The NFT Memberships give you perks on the Azarus platform. Here, you can mint and register your NFTs to your Azarus account
Stake AZAs

Stake AZAs for governance rights and perks.
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